LeBron James’ Mask: Nasal Fractures


Nasal fractures are the most common bony fracture of the face. Because of its prominent position on the face, the nose is subject to increased risk of facial trauma and subsequent dysfunction. It is recommended that nasal fractures be evaluated and treated in a timely manner to avoid possible functional issues and disfigurement due to improper healing.

Beverly Hills ENT and plastic surgeon, Hootan Zandifar, discusses the importance of prompt treatment and care after nasal trauma.

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Orbital Floor Blowout Fracture – Treatment Options


Treatment of orbital blowout fractures is highly dependent on the severity of the initial trauma. Cases of minor fractures that do not result in any vision changes or pain during eye movement may require minimal treatment and close observation. In contrast large displaced fractures which have caused changes in vision or pain during eye movement will require more extensive procedures to preserve functionality and optimize aesthetic outcome.

It is highly recommended that a facial trauma specialist promptly evaluate all injuries to the face especially those to the orbit. Delays in evaluation and treatment may have unforeseen circumstances such as reduction in functionality of critical structues and unwanted cosmetic changes.

Drs. Jason Hamilton and Hootan Zandifar, Beverly Hills plastic and reconstructive surgeons, discuss the evaluation and treatment of orbital fractures.

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Evaluation of Mandibular Fractures – Is My Jaw Broken?


Jaw (mandibular) fractures can occur from a multitude of common life scenarios. Usually bruising, pain, and tenderness overlying the fracture site are common complaints. At other times, more debilitating and serious symptoms can be present such as difficulty opening the mouth, misaligned teeth, or changes in facial sensation.

Because of the various potential complications associated with mandibular fractures, prompt evaluation and treatment by a qualified facial trauma specialist is highly advised.

Dr. Jason Hamilton, Beverly Hills plastic and reconstructive surgeon, discusses the evaluation and treatment options of mandibular fractures.

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